Love Story


I first time met Iulian on my work. A tall, handsome young man came and spoke with me… in English!!! In that moment I didn’t know any language other than Russian, I was so shy to use my English so I limited it two words «hi» and «thank you», but that didn’t frighten him, and so he asked my phone number.

During our first dates we used mostly “body language” or google-translate, although sometimes we ran into some misunderstandings, the attraction we felt for each other got us through. He was my destiny.

Iulian wasn’t going to be in Magnitogorsk forever, his work contract will end so soon, I had no idea what will happen when he leaves and then he offered me his crazy idea to go with him. So, thus we ended up in Korea, then followed China, and during the holidays we went to my beloved man’s home in Romania. Family and friends jokingly called me “the wife of the Decembrist” where is he I follow.

And in August last year, he finally asked me to become his wife!


I saw an attractive, interesting girl and decided that I must get her number. When I came up to her, in my head were a million thoughts: “what to say to her, will she understand me, what will I follow ‘hi’ with, if she does”. Our communication was very funny, I spoke in English and spoke Russian with my hands. So in the beginning of our relationship, we looked like a pair of mimes.

Over time, the language barrier became smaller and smaller, so I began to understand her to the point where this barrier disappear and eventually it hit me. I fell in love.

I knew that my time in Magnitogorsk will come to an end and I had to leave, but I didn’t wanted it. I didn’t want to leave alone. I asked my found love if she want go with me and she agreed! Our wanderings of the countries and cities, have been sometimes a test of our bond, happiness came in hand with sorrows, and I was afraid that one day Olga would say “I am fed up” and leave. But no, she’s always stayed by my side, and she has been my beautiful love through all.

A long time ago I decided that she would be my wife and decided to make this a reality:
– Will you marry me?!
– Yes!

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